BREAKING NEWS: Fulani Muslims Massacre 12 Christian Villagers in their Beds


17 March 2010

Twelve people from Byei village, Jos South were brutally murdered in an attack by Fulani Muslims last night, just over a week after around 500 Christians were massacred with machetes by a similar group of attackers.

Most of the victims were attacked in their beds. The dead include two men, four children and six women, two of whom were pregnant. One women and her son had their tongues cut out, while another was burnt alive in her home along with her two young children. Four further victims were hospitalised, two with gunshot wounds allegedly from AK 47s, and the others with machete wounds.

Twelve houses were also burnt in last night’s attack, which took place, 4 kilometres away from Riyom Local Government Council. Victims say some attackers were dressed in military uniforms.

For photographs of the violence, please click here (graphic):

CSW’s National Director, Stuart Windsor said: “We condemn this appalling attack on innocent men, women and children, who again have been brutally murdered in their homes merely because of their religious affiliation. The fact that these latest attackers were allegedly in military attire begs serious questions over whether army units currently stationed in Plateau State are truly capable of providing protection. We call on the federal government to initiate an immediate review of the army’s continuing failure to provide adequate safety for vulnerable Nigerian citizens, and to urgently investigate allegations of complicity on the part of elements of the armed forces”.

Source: CSW. CSW is a human rights organisation which specialises in religious freedom, works on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promotes religious liberty for all.


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